Letter to Sakshi

Dear Sakshi,

Never thought about it in my wildest dreams that you would become this important to me. Important to the point that I'll be ready to do anything in this world for you, for your smile. I still remember the first day; how we laughed together, your beautiful brown eyes as ribbed as sea-sand were sparkling, your lips looked tinted like pink shells, with sunlight falling from the window directly on your face - you looked none less than an angel, you looked the most beautiful ever, you always do when you're happy and I'll try my best to re-create that happiness, until we are together (which is forever).

I still can't believe how I got someone like you, you're the best, you're so perfect! Although this year has been the toughest of my life; so many ups and downs, it also has been the best because of you. Your support, your presence and our efforts have made us come here. Whenever I felt sad, I thought about you holding my hands. I still have that feeling of comfort and security of love when you held them for the first time, I am glad I took the initiative, if I hadn't reached out, the journey wouldn't have begun. 

A journey of movies, an infinite number of coffees, popcorn, doughnuts, pancakes, hugs, kisses and togetherness. I remember the call after your last birthday when you said I love you to me for the first time, it was music to my ears. I cried and was smiling at the same time; these were the coveted words that turned my Earth into heaven and you officially became my angel. Despite so many hurdles, we won, we never gave up on each other; you opened your arms for me, took me in and made feel the cosiest ever. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for loving me, but I'll always do it a million times more. 

You're priceless, you're irreplaceable. You're the most precious thing in this world to me; more than any metal or stone. You're my Rose Gold! I don't have much to say, but I do have a lot to make you feel, for the initials, here's a song for you, which will always remind you of all the happy moments we have spent together - from coffee dates to kissing in the rain, from your favourite colour to us enjoying, dancing to the music in car; I am sure it will make you smile. 

Just like the song and this website, I'll continue doing small-small gestures for you to make you happy on every birthday, every day, and every second of this life. Our journey has just begun.

Happy Birthday!