Letter to Sakshi

Dear Sakshi,

I really had no idea that you would become so important to me when I first saw you, in fact, I hated you; I had this very nerdy-egoistic-type of-girl vibe from you, I was sure about it that someone like you and me could never be friends and then we met. The first day of college, we exchange a few words, then numbers and thanks to Anurag who told me about you & your story - we talked. Stories always fascinated me, good or bad doesn't matter and when I listened to yours somewhere in them I found myself, I found my story. That was the day when I decided to make two stories into one, I fell for you. You were right about me being judgemental I often become that person & in most of the cases I am right, in yours, I wasn't; you weren't the person I thought you would be, you were different, you were just like me. I always wanted someone like me; two bodies one soul kind of thing - two months back I would have been laughing so hard at it if someone said something like this, and today thanks to you here I am. 

Just in two months, you've changed me so much and for the first time in a better way; I believed in friendship & love again, I got calmer, I got back to the normal Ankit. You're the first one in last three years to whom I am talking all day and night, you're the second one I am writing a letter to and I hope you are the last one whom I will love. I don't know what love means for you, but for me, it's just you; we both want something forever and I will make it come true. I am not planning anything, but I believe in the power of karma, after all that we have been through with that's the least we deserve. Isn't it? God bought us closer for a reason, this is obviously a blessing else who could have thought two people who have almost everything similar would meet in the same city, same state, same university, and the same class?

I feel I have known you since years, I feel you should know every inch of me, every part of me - but I also don't want anything sad, I want you to be happy and I try my best to make you; still can't forget 28th September, the smile on your face I won't ever be able to forget it; I want you to be that happy every day. Today's your birthday, it's a new day, new year make it a new life? A life full of rose-gold balloons, gifts, donuts, cakes and me; everything cutie. I promise to make rest of your life, best of your life and by chance, if someday I get low - I know Batman would be there to pick me up, take me in her Batmobile and sort it out - no misunderstandings, confusions just pure nafrat! Here's a poem for you which I hope would increase it even more.

My birthday is about to come too, it would be a new life for me too, and I am excited about only one thing that's memories with you. We'll create good memories together, watch Gilmore Girls, Recess, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, everything you like and unlike Lana Condor writing a letter to everyone in the movie I'll write one to you every month from next month; something old school like I always wanted. I hope I don't make you cry, not revealing future plans or trying to make the letter emotional - go out have a blast! It's your day. 

Happy Birthday!