List of days that brought us closer!

8th December: Naughty talks 👅
17th December: Together-together 💑
25th December: Chistaaam ☃️
18th January: Donuts & Hot Coffee ☕️
2nd February: You came back from the hospital 🏥
13th February: XOXO 🤤
19th March: Holi Celebrations 🎨
16th April: Farewell party 🎊
1st May: Pancakes 🥞
24th May: Together-together ♥️
15th June: Internship search 📆
20th July: Together-together 🥰
1st August: One year of friendship! 👫
12th September: Huggy-Paari 💋
1st October: Happy Birthday! 🎂

October to life: the best time together. I promise 🧖🏼‍♀️